Who we are

How it all started

Remember the school days? Ideas, visions how the world should look like when your're old. Many of us keep on going. Learn, go to college, start their first job and so on. And we forget about our visions in our daily life.

But sometimes, news and events wake up these these visions. In 2009 the first drawings were sketched for a new and unconventional wind turbine. At that time called 'arega'. The idea was to create an airbourne wind turbine using a balloon to lift the turbine and to use the balloon's shape as a wind concentrator. After work and without any knowledge about turbines and manufacturing.

It was a longer journey than ever expected of about 5 years and many of ideas proved to be impractiable. But after so lessons learned, so many failed designs and broken ideas, New and better ideas arise!

In 2014 the idea for a very small and printable wind turbine for a school project was born. That's how the airfling edu started.

This is just the beginning. Our table is stacked with new designs. Cheaper, easier to produce and brought to you soon.

The people behind it

Special thanks to

On our trail we met many friendly and helpful people. It's time to thank them for their time and patience

Nils Brauer

Many wonderful photos, ideas and - yes - our name Airfling was his idea

Julia Schmitgen

So many days at the Garage-Lab, nights down at the basement and uncounted hours on the couch while starring on the notebook. Without any complaint. But with ideas, feedback and tons of patience.

Some pictures courtesty of Rubin Laser