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Building the first S1 prototype

2016-01-18 11:13 by Airfling Administrator (comments: 0)


The design and all sketches for the first S1 prototype have been finished. The goal to reduce production cost was a tough requirement, but we found creative solutions that will help us to achieve this target. A detailed view into the design process was published on the deskfactory (german language).

The biggest challenge was to find a cheap and available turbine pole. We found one: A simple drainage pipe from a hardware store. It can be used as the shippment package and later as the turbine pole / stand as well. Thus, we've saved resources, twice!

Installation on the field will be easy, too. Take out the airfling, turn the pipe around ans simply drill a hole in the ground. Stick the pipe in it and you're ready to go.

Although the first prototype will be 3D-printed, the current design already regards later mass production technologies. Especially molding all plastic parts. The first calculation indicates, that we might hit the 30 EUR retail price goal for the airfling s1.

Still, a lot of work is ahead. Electronics and power conversion is in the design process, better bearings need to be found and first test must be conducted.

Further tests with real life forces and limit loads must be performed and calculated performance must be validated in a wind tunnel.

To reduce printing time, we have already produced silicon moldes for the rotor blades. It works well and will help us to produce 3-5 prototypes in less time.

We've also changed our CAD tool from TurboCad to Autodesk Fusion 360. It offers us a better solution for working on the design online.


Here's the first assembly. It all fits very well, except the rotor blades are a little to soft due to the used (and old) PU foam. We'll fix that.

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