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Kick off for the airfling S1

2015-10-17 18:08 by Airfling Administrator (comments: 0)
Airfling S1 quick information

After the successfull launch of the airfling EDU, we start with the design and prototyping of the new airfling S1. Our target is to design a ready-to-print solution with a minimal part list, robust and super easy deployment.

Ready for later mass production, we will design all parts with the focus to well known production technologies available around the world.

We want to create a turbine that will wide-scale: Instead of building bigger and bigger turbines to decrease the costs per KW, we will design maschines that are small, mass-produceable and simple to deploy. Decreasing the amount of required capital, decreasing the cost per turbine and making it easy to use even at the smallest place for deployment. It is complementary to existing solutions, because we will offer an off-grid solution for regions where capital access is crucial and operational knowledge must be minimized.

The airfling S1 will be able to be set up in a clustered environment. All turbines will be connected on a single power collection bus and concentrated in a single box, where power transformation and distribution will be performed. An optional variant will be build for direct power access at the turbine's housing.

Design specifications

Item Value
Diameter 100 mm
Sweep-Height 300-600 mm
Rated power at 17,2 m/s 66 W

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