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Airfling at the first farming startup weekend

2016-01-25 12:44 by Airfling Administrator (comments: 0)

What are the challenges for farmers in Germany, Europe and worldwide? How can we solve issues? What's going on the startup scene around agriculture?

Jan-Philipp Martini and his great team formed up the event in Bocholt in late January and it was gggrrrrreeeeeeatt!

20 participants and mentees from all other Germany, Europe, the U.S. and South Africa joined for an intense weekend where information and ideas were flooding the hotel.

After the initial idea pitch phase, four teams formed up to get into the details. My initial intention was to listen and learn from the participants, because the airfling S1 is solution that seeks for a problem.

But - arrggghh - what a surprise - after the first round, the airfling S1 idea was called for close call.

A wonderful team was set up and we worked hard to finish our final pitch presentation. We discussed and struggled to find the right market and strategy to get airfling going. Thank you Karen, Helge, Alex and Lulcim!

Validating our thoughts with real-life farmers from Bocholt was just the right idea to get things straight.

Spare times were hard to find, because all members discussed new ideas around food production, water, energy and soil. To solve global issues, to support local farmers through marketing and technology. I've learned so many things about the situation in other countries and heard fantastic solutions.

On sunday - after a short night - all teams presented their solutions in front a jury and many other guest. All four ideas - and many other I've heard on the floor - deserved to be winners! The first place went to easypig that will help farmers to reduce administrative tasks on a farm. In order to safe more time for the animals - or the family. Congrats to this well defined solution!


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