Download a ready to go airfling for your 3D-printer. All public downloads come as compressed STL files. Simply slice it for your printer, buy some additional parts at your local hardware store and start producing energy!

Check out our wiki for detailed information about printing and assembly.

Important notice

All airfling designs are designed for educational use only. Printing, assembling and running any airfling design is for prototyping and educational use only. Make sure that any airfling wind turbine will run under trained assistance and with safe distance from any rotating parts. Also do not run any airfling design under conditions like high winds, rain or snow.

Please be very carefull in order to keep you and others safe!

We do not guarantee for this design to work in any condition. You may use all files according the licence granted in our licence section.

airfling edu version 0.3
Our vision

We want to go further! We are designing micro wind turbines for mass production. Read and share our slides about our visions and goals.

Airfling Introduction.pdf