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Kick off for the airfling S1

While the airfling EDU was purely for educational use, we head on to the next generation. The airfling S1. Simple, a few parts, open, fully 3d printable and made for everyday and wide spread use.

2015-10-17 18:08 by Airfling Administrator (comments: 0)

A new brilliant idea for blades

We know that building stable, efficient but yet cheap rotor blades are the biggest challenge. The guys from RMRDTech did come up with a new brilliant idea.

2015-09-03 20:24 by Airfling Administrator (comments: 0)

Call it a baby wind tunnel

Simulating VAWTs is quite difficult. We need software, theoritcal models and in the end we still need to verify, if our theory works in reality. That's why we build a simple wind tunnel from scrap material.

2015-08-31 19:36 by Airfling Administrator (comments: 0)

Electronic help wanted

To be honest: We have a decent knowledge how to build a vertical wind turbine. But no idea of electronics!

We need your knowledge to create the remaining parts of the Airfling EDU.

2015-03-29 15:45 by Airfling Administrator (comments: 0)