Open, 3D printable, modular and scalable wind turbines

Airfling offers designs for micro- and mini vertical wind turbine (VAWT) for prototyping, educational or private use. 3D-printable and open sourced

What airfling is all about

After so many decades, we all know that using fossile energy is a really bad idea. There are so many natural and renewable energy sources, that can be harvested for low cost. Anywhere at almost any time.

We are Airfling. And we want to design and create open sourced machines for energy supply. We are a community where we learn and improve from our thoughts, designs, failures and success.

Founded at the wonderful Fab-Lab Garage-Lab in Düsseldorf in 2014, we want to make this planet a better place. With very little steps. But we are moving, and we'll move faster. Join the community and increase our speed!


The airfling s1 was presented in public for the first time. At the nerd-night in Düsseldorf. About 350 guests watched the unboxing of our latest wind turbine

What are the challenges for farmers in Germany, Europe and worldwide? How can we solve issues? What's going on the startup scene around agriculture? And how could airfling be part of this development?

The design for the first prototype was frozen and we head on to assemble the first prototype. Initial tests will be performed in order to improve the performance and reliability.

While the airfling EDU was purely for educational use, we head on to the next generation. The airfling S1. Simple, a few parts, open, fully 3d printable and made for everyday and wide spread use.